Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not Funny

By Bill Maher

It takes a lot for a bunch of conservatives to surprise me, but they did a lot this past week. A sorry lot, I might add.

CPAC gave a humor award to IMAO. For those of you who don't know who or what -- "what" is more like it -- IMAO is, it is a purported humor website run by a bunch of extreme right-wing Aryan separatists operating out of a shack in Montana, Iowa, or one of those wastelands in White America.

I can tolerate a lot, but I can't tolerate this. And neither can many of my mainstream friends. So, we're banding together to ask all proper-thinking Americans and People of Color to join us in a boycott of IMAO.

While I've personally never been to that website, I can tell by what I've heard that it's full of hate speech, calls for the subjugation of women, and the murder of homosexuals. And that is what passes for humor from the right? It says a lot that such vitriol is considered the cream of the crop in right-wing humor.

Take a pledge to stop visiting IMAO, particularly if you've never visited IMAO before. And don't just not visit their website, call our special Boycott IMAO hotline: 202-863-8000. Tell the operator that you support our cause, and they'll send you a free autographed copy of Das Kapital just by mentioning my name.

Boycott IMAO. Do it for the children.

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  1. Yes, you obviously have never been to that website. Your description of the site is very, very, very far from the reality. BTW, I suspect your description of your friends as mainstream is as questionable as much as your description of IMAO.

    I used to find you consistently funny, however such uninformed outbursts have made me cringe on many occasions (I think the first was when you called the 9/11 perpetrators 'courageous'). I found your recent comment that the liberals could 'lose you' if your taxes go up to be classic hypocrisy. I disagree with the rampant spending (as I did under George W Bush, who did nothing to reign in a Congress on a spending spree), and have paid a painful amount (I am NOT wealthy) but pay my taxes with nary a tweet.

    BTW, I have lived many years in diversified towns where I was the minority and I did not care (and enjoyed interesting food and stories I had not been exposed to before). I have known and worked with people of different orientations, and it makes no difference to me.

    Get a grip.


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