Friday, March 22, 2013

Fear and Trembling

By Chris Matthews

I am just beside myself. As I mentioned on my show earlier tonight, I can hardly see straight that IMAO won the Best Humor Blog award at CPAC.

For years, I've been saying just how crazy those radical right-wingers in CPAC are, but now they've gone and given an award to IMAO for humor. HUMOR!!

First of all, there's nothing funny about IMAO. It doesn't even try to be funny. It's a straight, by the book, conservative hate site that was put up by with the financial backing of the Republican Party in 2008 after the historic election of Barack Obama. It contains the typical Republican talking points that you'd expect to find. It's even full of racist code words like -- and I beg your indulgence, I quote for the sake of accuracy only -- "Nuke the Moon," as if we don't know what they really mean by that.

For years, the radical right has tried to hide their hatred for the things that make this country great. Now, it appears, the sheets have come off, and they're openly advocating hate and violence.

Watching and listening to Barack Obama gives me chills and tingles. Just thinking about IMAO fills me with Fear and Trembling. That's why we're making a bipartisan call to boycott IMAO.

People from all over America are rising up against this conservative hate group. People from Massachusetts to New York, from Chicago to Detroit, and from Seattle to Los Angeles are coming together to take a stand for America. They're standing up against IMAO. We're asking you to join the boycott of IMAO.

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